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Great Christmas Gifts Under $25

*This post is awesomely sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens brand carried exclusively by Walmart. Affiliate links contained below. It’s that time of year when everyone is Christmas shopping for their loved ones, and trying to figure out the perfect gift. But it isn’t only loved ones that can be difficult to shop for (especially while on a budget). […] Read more…


Holiday Traditions and Decor

There is something truly magical about the holidays…no matter how you choose to spend it, take the time to make it special for you and your family. Whether that is in how you choose to decorate together, or the special holiday traditions you infuse into your time. *This post is awesomely sponsored by Better Homes […] Read more…


Fall Home Tour

When I think of a fall home I think of all things relaxing, warm, cozy, and apple spice scented. Hey, that’s just my happy place, so I’m bringing in a little hint of fall into my home all while on a budget. *This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens carried exclusively by Walmart. […] Read more…


DIY Harvest Yard Sign

*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot! Woop Woop! It is virtual party time!! I’ve been waiting all week for today’s party…several bloggers (including yours truly) have been challenged by The Home Depot to make some super cute harvest yard signs that are part of the Do-It-Herself workshop coming up at your local Home Depot this […] Read more…


DIY Pine Gel Candles

Nope, I’ve never been one to love the cold or snow, but even I have to admit that there is something magical about a winter wonderland! There were mornings at my Ohio home when the rain froze in the night and left the trees with billions of tiny frozen diamond-like droplets. With snow on the […] Read more…

Pumpkin centerpiece - featured image

A Taste of Fall

I love fall weather! I think it is my favorite season… spring is a bit too wet for my liking, although I always look forward to it with a desperate anticipation after our cold winters. Still, you can’t beat the ever so slight nip of cooler weather that tinges the warm air, the gorgeous golden […] Read more…


DIY Rustic Wheelbarrow

Woohoo! It’s DIY party time ya’all! Me and a whole crew of my blogger gal pals are partnering with The Home Depot for today’s virtual party, which you won’t want to miss! So don’t! Join in, right now! The Home Depot invited us to build the latest fun project from their lineup of fantastic Do-It Herself […] Read more…

Rustic Fall Floral - featured image

Fall Floral Arrangement

Get a head start on your decorating for the season with this beautiful fall floral arrangement! Here’s what you’ll need to get “get the look” yourself! Galvanized Bucket Floral Foam Sisal A Variety of Fall Florals What to Look For: Since most craft stores offer a variety of floral sprays to choose from, they don’t […] Read more…

Peekaboo vine wreath - featured image

Spring Basket Wreath

I love Spring. I’ve been waiting for Spring for what feels like forever…that happens when you live in the snowbelt and Jack Frost is nipping at your heels well into April. It’s no wonder then that I am bringing bits of Spring into my life in every way I can! Can you believe this peekaboo […] Read more…

Pumpkin centerpiece - featured image

Pumpkin Centerpiece for the Holidays

I want a beautiful centerpiece for my holiday dinner, but when you have to think about the meal preparation, and getting the house ready for guests (which is a feat in it’s own right), who has time to craft a stunning centerpiece? I love the idea of reusable versatile decor items that can become a beautiful […] Read more…

Decorative fall shadow box - featured image

Seasonal Fall Shadow Box

I am one of those people who decorates for the season long after the season has passed. Nope, not because I’m trying to hang on to the joy of it longer, but rather because IF I managed to actually decorate for the season, it took all season (and part of the next) before I actually had […] Read more…

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