NYNR: Custom Bookcase & Accessories

What would a 4 week design challenge be without a little drama, and a few late night projects you barely get finished in time? This is the 3rd week of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge, and I might be in trouble this week ya’all. The carpet installers are coming on Wednesday, and I […] Read more…


DIY Holiday Light for the Mantel

Learn how to make this cute color-changing holiday light and brighten up your Christmas Mantel! With modern holiday trees/mountains, this DIY lamp makes for cute decor! The smart bulb allows you to change the color of the lighting behind the trees, adjust the brightness, or set it on a schedule. *Sponsored by our friends at Bulbrite Solana™ Smart LED Bulbs I love […] Read more…


5 Holiday Cleaning Tips

*This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.* Forget spring cleaning, it’s holiday cleaning that gets the most attention in our homes. After all, that’s when we host the biggest gathering of family and friends. Today I’m going to share 5 Holiday Cleaning tips to help get your […] Read more…


Half Bath Makeover – The Final Touches

Hahaha, that title is so misleading. The “final touches” of the half bath include removing the toilet in order to lay new flooring, adding molding, painting, and THEN the decorative touches. It is week 5 of the One Room Challenge, and next week is suppose to be the big reveal of the half bath / powder […] Read more…


Bath Remodel: The Light Fixtures Are UP!

If you have been following my Instagram stories, I know what must be thinking right now. “Ursula, that’s it? That’s all you’ve gotten accomplished in this many weeks?” Yep. It is week 4 out of 6 weeks to complete my powder room for the One Room Challenge, and I haven’t done much of anything. Guys, I […] Read more…


Powder Room Moodboard

It is week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and I’ve finally started work on my powder room. Sure, wait until the ORC is halfway over before even getting started…yeah, that seems totally sane. In case you missed it, I shared the full before and backstory in week 1, and my inspiration for the powder […] Read more…


Powder Room Inspiration

It is week 2 of the One Room Challenge, a 6-week design challenge in which I’m tackling my powder room. Since I decided to join in the fun at the very last minute, I have no plan and no progress to report since week 1. However I’m looking to gain major inspiration from some talented design bloggers. […] Read more…


10 Ways To Decorate Around A Piano

The piano is often the odd piece of furniture in the room. Necessary when you love playing music, but doesn’t always fit well into a space. We’ve got 10 amazing examples of spaces that have worked it perfectly into their decor and even made it a focal point! Each space demonstrates what a little care and thoughtful […] Read more…


4 Perks of Smart Bulbs

Sometimes the smallest details can bring the biggest returns… If I said there was one awesome hack that could save energy, reduce mom stress, and literally put you in the best light, would you do it? *Sponsored by our friends at Bulbrite Solana™ Smart LED Bulbs These days I’m crushing on one of the coolest smart tech’s to […] Read more…


8 Stylish Sofa Cover Ideas To Protect Your Furniture

Remember the days of plastic covered furniture at your Grandma’s house? Lifting up your legs to “unstick” yourself? Agh! Thank goodness those plastic sofa cover days are over! Unfortunately the same problems are still here…our brand new sofas, couch, ottomans, and chairs all suffer spills, dust, fading, and wear from use. Granted, with new stain […] Read more…


Whole House Tour: Before & After

As promised, I’m finally sharing a whole house tour for the first time ever! You’ll get to see a bit of the before and after… But I’m not just going to show you the good, I’ll give you the bad and ugly too. Oh, and if you want more details about a space, I’ll be sure […] Read more…

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