Wow, what a wild 6 weeks! And by wild I mean bone-tiring non-stop work to makeover the kitchen in my guest house. Why did I do this again? Oh right, because nothing is more motivating to get the work done than the 6-week One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home!

Contemporary Cottage Styled Kitchen Remodel - before and after

In case you missed week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, or week 5, I have all the juicy before and after photos here in my big reveal for you!

But first, I just want to give a huge shout out to my amazing sponsors Moen, and Better Homes and Gardens brand at Walmart! It is the sponsors who help make these projects possible (and the spaces beautiful!).

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The entire guest house was kind of a disaster before, and the kitchen was not a place you want to cook or even eat take-out. It was grimy with stains that did not wash off, and not really as functional as it could be.

Cottage Kitchen - Before Remodel

Small Contemporary Cottage Styled Kitchen

My sister, her husband, and their one-year-old would be staying in our guest house for a few months, and there was no way I could have them stay in such a gross space. I mean, c’mon, I love my sister. Even my brother-in-law had his doubts that the space could be livable before he had to move in…he was pretty much hinting that they should stay with us in the main house. Hahahahaha! Poor guy, but I totally ignored those hints…but I had full confidence that the guest house would be move-in ready, and that tiny kitchen could be amazing!

Small kitchen - refrigerator wall before

Small kitchen makeover - open kitchen storage and shelving

Contemporary Cottage Kitchen Remodel - Modern art and copper touches

Granted, they had to live through part of the reno without a kitchen faucet while the counter tops and faucets where being put in. That was no fun…they had to come up to the main house to fill up gallon jugs of drinking water, and to wash their dishes.

Small kitchen before - sink area

Small kitchen renovation - 20 inch stove

I made sure the new cabinets and stove got in before they had to move in, so they chose to still do their cooking up at the guest house and just wash their dishes over at the main house.

Floating kitchen shelves - Cottage Kitchen Makeover

Speaking of the stove, isn’t this little 20″ oven/stove just adorable?!! It is after all a small kitchen, so I didn’t want to use up all the counter space on appliances, and since it is my guest house, I’ll likely host guests up at the main house for lunch and dinner.

Small kitchen remodel - 20 inch stove and floating shelves

Cooking supplies and utensils

Although the kitchenette part of this space is small, in truth it is a fairly good size room. I think it is the low ceilings that make it feel smaller than it is. It is big enough to house a little eat-in breakfast area, which is what I wish the main house had.

Eat-in breakfast nook - small kitchen makeover

Breakfast Nook - One Room Challenge Makeover

Guest House Kitchen Makeover - Contemporary Cottage Style

Actually, there are quite a few things I wish I had in the main house but don’t (like the marble back splash I installed) then again, it was tons of fun designing a space with things I don’t think fit in the main house but sort of wanted to ‘try on’ for size (like that marvelous mint ceiling fan and hits of copper!).

Copper cake stand

I’m loving almost everything about the space now…those low ceilings are still the bane of my guest house, but other than that, it’s almost ready to host guests! I may even put it on Airbnb as a country getaway experience when the whole cottage house is decorated (and once I’ve finished the mile and half mile paths in the woods that lead down to the stream in my backyard).

Kitchen Before and After -- Contemporary Cottage Style

What do you think? Not too shabby right?

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30 Comments on Contemporary Cottage Kitchen Makeover

  1. What a great transformation. Can you tell me what color you painted and the size of the round dining room table. I love the entire look, great job!!

  2. Amazing transformation. You have an eye for details and vision to recreate a otherwise unlivable space to a lovable abode. Well done!

  3. Well Ms. Lady I have to say you’ve done it again! Love the transformation it looks wonderful and totally different. Love seeing your design eye execute projects such as this. Did you do the tufting on the couch? Looks like your handy work…

    • Thank you! I thought about tufting my own corner bench, then I realized how crazy that would be since I had a remodel to execute! Lol! I bought that bench from Joss & Main. And still, I barely made it through the 6 week challenge to finish in time!

  4. One thing I’m curious about – why didn’t you paint the window over the sink to match all the other windows and the rest of the new kitchen?

    • Thank you! Oh haha, it’s still there…it is in the same recessed nook it was in before. It just didn’t make the photo since I couldn’t capture the whole thing…time for a wide angle lens! 😀

  5. To say this is a homerun would be an understatement! This is a triple, double-decker, grand-slam home run! I love every single little thing! Super congrats on a terrific makeover! Susie from The Chelsea Project

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