Woohoo! Week 2 of the awesome One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home, and I’m already starting to see a huge difference in my guest cottage kitchen remodel!

I admit, I had a very basic idea of what I wanted to see in my small cottage kitchen, enough to order cabinets and granite, but not enough to put together a mood board. Well I’ve finally thrown a little something together to give you a basic idea of what I’m going for in this space.

One Room Challenge - Cottage Kitchen Inspiration Board

(Range, Flatware, Tiered RackCookware, Chairs, Light Fixtures)

The only part of the plan I knew for sure before we tore out the kitchen was which cabinets, which granite countertops, the layout, and which oven/range I wanted. I spent a couple hours with a Lowes kitchen pro who helped me pull together the rendering and order the right pieces.

Small Kitchen Rendering

Speaking of the space, let me remind you of what it looked like pre-war:

Cottage Kitchen - Before pics

And this is the scary sight in progress:

Cottage Kitchen Renovation - drywall

It took 1 day to demo kitchen cabinets (I let my husband and brother-in-law loose on it), 3 days for my handyman to get the drywall up and the new cabinets in, and 4 hours for the countertop guys to put in the sink and granite.

Cottage Kitchen Renovation - cabinets and oven

WOW! What a difference right?!!

Boy, watching them work was exhausting…haha, just kidding. Actually, having the pros come in do their thang was incredible. I’m usually the one doing the work! Granted, I won’t be getting off so easily; I’m the one that will be laying the flooring, tiling the backsplash, putting in new light fixtures, painting, hanging shelves, and decorating…and all in 4 weeks! See, I’m not getting off scot-free.

Next up…plumbing and maybe even a backsplash!

Wish me luck!

ORC - guest participant

Like this, love this -1200 x 100

7 Comments on Cottage Kitchen Remodel – Cabinets & Countertops

  1. Sorry I didn’t think of this in the prior comment but can you tell me what you used on the walls so you could stain it? Is it a panel type product or a tongue and groove? If you got it at Lowe’s could you tell me the specific name? I’ve been looking everywhere for a panel type product that can actually be stained instead of coming primed and having to be painted. Thanks!

  2. Wow! Looks great! I’m trying to get set to do my kitchen this summer but the idea of being without a kitchen sink is terrifying to me. I can manage to cook with a microwave and paper plates will take care of a lot of the mess but still…. How are you coping with the day to day living while doing this?

    • Thank you, it is coming along, slowly but surely! Thankfully I don’t have to live in it during the reno since this is actually my guest house. Unfortunately my sister does have to deal with it since she is staying there for now. She just did all her cooking in the main house.

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