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Every time I don a power tool, I swear I feel like a superhero. It’s like an invisible cape starts flying in the wind, and I feel invincible. 😀 I know, I’m a total nut… But when you love beautiful things like I do, and can’t bring yourself to spend an arm and a leg on them, being able to craft or build that desired item for next to nothing feels like a super power.

This week I was SO excited to partner with Kreg Jig and build the outdoor furniture I’ve always wanted, but could never afford. Guys, you should have seen me when I got my Kreg Jig 5 Master System in the mail…I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I kept jumping up and down hugging the box and yelling at my husband, “I can finally build REAL furniture! Like what you buy in the store. I’m legit!!”. He just laughed at me.

Modern Outdoor DIY Sofa - free build plans


I have a marvelous deck, and I’m so ashamed to say it has been wasted all the years we lived in this house…until now! I’m sharing with you the free plans on how to build this stunning modern outdoor sofa and bench/coffee table over at BuildSomething.com, Kreg’s new DIY project plan site.

Click Here for Bench Plans

Let me tell you, it was an amazingly easy build (this coming from a beginning-mid level builder), and super sturdy using pocket-hole joinery. It should also be noted that I used pressure treated lumber (because this furniture is staying outdoor year round!), and stained it with a solid color deck stain and sealer.

One clever piece I added later on was a little shelf just inside the armrest on either side. Just cut a 2″x4″ to the same 22.5″ armrest board, place pocket holes on the two ends, and attach from the underside.

DIY Outdoor Sofa - shelf in the armrest

It is perfect for those gatherings with a  larger number of guests. Then you can use your coffee table as a bench for extra seating, and not lose a place for guests to put their drinks, snacks, and desserts.

DIY Outdoor Furniture - add a shelf inside the armrest for drinks

I think the bench looks chic with or without the cushions! This is a shot of it without cushions after a torrential rain we had. And yes, this is how I leave everything regularly.

DIY Build-It-Yourself Outdoor Sofa

To make the sofa cushion I ordered this 72″ foam sheet from Amazon (affiliate link) which fit perfectly (no cutting required). And I originally bought two King sized bed pillows, thinking to sew a pillow case out of waterproof fabric…but then I liked the idea of large throw pillows, so I pulled the fluff out of them to make smaller throw sized pillows instead.

Outdoor DIY Sofa Build Plans

I sewed a cover for the seat cushion with outdoor fabric. I pretty much wrapped it in the fabric, then sewed across the two ends as if I was sewing a pillow case, and sewed velcro to the back to close. Nothing fancy, but I love it!

How To Build DIY Outdoor Furniture

This was just the beginning as I tackled my great big deck. If you like this, you are going to LOVE the DIY Copper Cabana I made for my outdoor sofa! Check it out here…you are going to want this addition to your sofa build!

DIY Copper Cabana

*A special thanks to Kreg Jig for sponsoring this post. The ideas, projects, and opinions are my own (as always). And yes this was my first time using a jig, and I am officially declaring myself a Kreg Jig fanatic. 😀

Like this, love this -1200 x 100

22 Comments on Outdoor Furniture Build Plans

  1. Wonderful idea and so pretty! I’d like to get the full instructions but Home Depot no longer has it on its site. May I find it anyplace else?

  2. Picking up my lumber today for the bench and coffee table. Started with the mini cabana. FYI, the cut list on the Home Depot blog calls for 4 tee fittings and 10 elbows and that should be reversed, found out the hard way! Otherwise, this is a pretty easy and super fun build!

  3. That is a great post Ursula. I do want to try this and I was wondering what was the total price for the sofa and the coffee table?

  4. Hi, I love this project! I was wondering what is the specific brand and color name of the Green, solid color stain you used on this project and the garbage can screen? I have looked online and cannot seem to find anything even close to it. I am building some outdoor planters and that would be the perfect accent color for them.

    • Hi! If your seat will be outdoors in all weather I recommend pressure treated lumber, otherwise you could just use an outdoor stain on just about any wood. I used a variety (whatever was on sale, others leftover from projects). From birch to a couple pieces of pine. 😉

  5. I’M SO DOING THIS! I absolutely hate how ugly or expensive the outside furniture section looks. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ll be pinning this one!

    • Hi! The back cushions are sewed as you would any pillow. As for the seat cushion, I will try to share that as soon as I have an opportunity. At the moment, I’m moving, and all my stuff is in storage. Thanks for following along!

  6. These outdoor seating ideas look fabulous. This might just be the post that gets me to start building with my Kreg jig! Great deck, by the way.

  7. It is a super cool sofa and the drink ledge is genius. Haven’t studied the plan yet, but let us see, may be I will try my hand at this too 🙂

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