Today I’m sharing a master bedroom, but essentially for this One Room Challeng I’m doing a ‘One House Challenge’. I got started early (because hey, this is a BIG project), and I’m tackling my parent’s California mountain home.

Why does it seem like every One Room Challenge, I try to one-up my last challenge? Well someone give me reality check, because this year’s ORC is straight up insane. Haha!

Last season I was honored to be an ORC featured designer, and I remodeled more than one space. I did my master closet, master bathroom, and the vanity nook that connected them. But doing multiple adjacent spaces seemed natural considering they felt pretty connected.

one room challenge collage

In this One Room Challenge, I am doing my parent’s living room, library, master bedroom, sewing room, and powder room. That is at least 5 rooms that will get an update, and we’ll see what else we can do before the reveal date!

Just To Catch You Up…

I shared the full before of my mom and dad’s house here in this blog post. Plus some of my plans to refresh their home. Will it all come together as expected? Who knows! But isn’t that part of the adventure?

My goal is to work just a couple weeks on each space. Maybe do the primary tasks in each room for one week, and then add more styling the week after. So every couple weeks there should be substantial progress in each space, with a mini “reveal”.

This week I’m sharing a few improvements we made to my parent’s master bedroom! In September, we started by added a headboard, removing the hutch top, and hanging drapes.

Here’s a reminder of the ‘before’.

master bedroom before
dresser hutch before picture

I had some amazing sponsors provide the most beautiful area rug, table lamps, and armchair + ottoman. Just those changes alone really took this bedroom to the next level.

Master Bedroom Refresh

The dresser is an amazing and sturdy piece, and while the hutch top was probably popular in it’s day, it was just too top heavy, with too much wood in one space.

We removed the hutch part of the dresser, and just recently got this lovely ornate gold mirror to replace it.

master bedroom hutch with gold mirror

Those two gorgeous Brass & Glass Table Lamps were gifted by sponsors Huck & Peck, and they are both large and fabulous! I wouldn’t mind having these bad boys in my own home.

master bedroom

Making A Cozy Fall Themed Bed

I partnered with Garnet Hill to create a lovely and cozy bed for the master bedroom. Let me tell you, this is quality bedding! We dressed the bed from the beautiful velvet throw pillows, right down to the linen bed skirts. Every bit of bedding came from Garnet Hill, and it’s beautiful!

Will this bed look like this in the future? Probably. My parents make their bed every single day.

master bedroom with made bed

If it was my bed, it would only be truly made-up for the occasional photo, or company. Yeah, my parents are going to read this and wonder how they raised such a slovenly daughter. Hahahaha.

The most I do is periodically fold back the blanket, and arrange the pillows. Which means my goal is always to find bedding that is supposed to look attractive while disheveled. Which is why I am drawn to this gorgeous relaxed-linen line by Garnet Hill.

One Room Challenge To-Do List

I’m excited to see how far we can get with 6 weeks to remodel/decorate/style a whole house. Maybe if I’m lucky we can do more spaces and nooks around the house. But at the end of the day, if this is all we accomplish, I will be more than happy.

  • Whole Home: project planning/before
  • Mobile ‘Workshop’: Create space to build
  • Living Room, prt 1: Curtains, area rug, style
  • Living Room, prt 2: Style vignettes
  • Sewing Room, prt 1: Paint, install stock cabinets
  • Sewing Room, prt 2: Build drawers for cabinets, style
  • Organize Sewing Room, prt 3: Organize fabric, craft, & sewing materials
  • Master Bedroom, prt 1: Headboard, curtains, area rug, hutch styling
  • Master Bedroom, prt 2: Bedding, styling
  • Library, prt 1: Paint room, tile floors,
  • Library, prt 2: Build bookcases & window seat, style room
  • Powder Room, prt 1: Paint, install light fixture
  • Powder Room, prt 2: Install new towel bars and hardware, style
  • Miscellaneous: Install new sconces throughout the house
  • Vignettes: Bookcase styling

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Huck & Peck | Kirkland’s | Kreg Tool Ryobi ToolsThe Home Depot | Wovenbyrd | Rustoleum | mDesign Home Decor | ToughBuilt | Garnet Hill | Revival Rugs

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  1. that’s amazing Ursula and yay you are doing it too! AND you are doing a ONE HOUSE CHALLENGE … your parents must be very happy you are giving their place a makeover! Can’t wait to check out the other rooms over the next 6 weeks!

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