7 Closet Organizing Necessities

Stop procrastinating and tackle that New Year resolution to purge your closet and get it organized. You know you’ll be happier when it’s done.


To get you started, I’m partnering with Better Homes & Gardens brand (carried exclusively by Walmart) to bring you 7 Closet Organizing Necessities.

Gold round #1

The Right Hangers

If you only have one type of hanger in your closet, you are likely ruining clothes or at the very least getting them crinkled for  no good reason. Your suits need solid wooden hangers to maintain their crisp shoulder shape, while if you must hang knit tops or camisoles the velvety non-slip hangers are what you need to maintain it’s shape. Then there are a myriad of great options for pants and skirts…personally I love space saving hanger types.


Gold round #2

Sweater Bins

Okay, so the right way to store your sweaters and other knits is obviously to fold them, but I get that some of us just don’t have much drawer space. That being said, cube storage bins are a great way to gain a little extra “folded items” space by way of our closets.

Gold round #3

Seasonal-Use Storage Bins

Use that high up closet shelf space to store those seasonal clothing you won’t be bringing out until a little later in the year. If your seasons are short, you can use the same foldable bins, but for those who won’t be bringing out those items for a while, storage with a lid will keep your clothes dust free while in storage.


Gold round #4

Storage Trays & Organizers

Don’t forget about storage for that broach you love to wear, cufflinks, your favorite jeweled accessory or hair accessory. I like to keep a storage tray on hand, and even an organizer for those duplicate items I’m always looking for when my husband is hogging the bathroom and I can’t get into the locked bathroom but need to get ready for the day.


Gold round #5

Purse Storage Aid

There are a few different ways to store your clutches and bags. I put a letter holder to good use storing my clutches, and in the past I have used shower curtain hooks as purse hooks. However you choose to store your bags, why not place those cuties on display and work it into the closet as decor?


Gold round #6

Dirty Clothes Hamper

Of course one of the most important items in (or at least near) a closet is the dirty clothes storage hamper. I can’t promise your husband will throw his socks in it and not on the floor, but you have to do everything you can to make sure you made the process as easy and likely as possible. Even hampers aren’t miracle workers.


Gold round #7

Decorative & Helpful Accessories

This isn’t for everyone, but I like to keep a framed piece of art that I use as a dry erase board to keep reminders and notes. I also like a cute clipboard as an inspiration board to keep my style at the forefront, and a couple mirrors just in case I can’t get into the bathroom.

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