I hate wasted space, so the idea of using the wall space behind the shower as recessed storage I find brilliant! The application of my particular space, not so brilliant. I’m afraid this space needed a little de-uglify-ing, and a quite bit of organization. What do you think?

While I was initially happy to have storage space behind closed doors, and I think the creative idea of using shutters as cabinet doors is fantastic, I’m afraid these doors aren’t doing the job. Sadly they were not installed very well, so one cabinet door keeps banging against the bathroom door, while the other only occasionally stays closed. I think each and every member of this family has banged their head on that cabinet door at least twice. *wince* Time to remove these obnoxious things.

Some jobs are easier said than done… the doors are finally removed after many days of chipping paint off screws, then crying and gnashing of teeth trying to remove the stripped screws! I was not pleased with the condition of the wood trim, but I can’t seem to remove the trim without causing cracks in the walls! Because of the way in which these shelves and trim have been installed, I’ve decided I can’t risk damage by removal, and I will just have to make the best of it. I’m adding a little extra trim to the shelves, chipping and smoothing as much old paint as possible, and giving it a fresh coat.

I admit I am still not pleased with the trim, but a paint job will help freshen things up a bit. The blue-grey paint is the same used on the Painted Vanity to bring some continuity to the space. A few more coats of white paint on the trim, and I’ll be ready to organize!

If you are going to have open storage, it has to be pretty as well as practical. In my opinion there is no prettier (or more practical) storage solution than baskets. I have quite a few items that I need to organize and stored in this bathroom, so I’m going to need a few good baskets.

Why are baskets so expensive? I’m seriously considering a weaving class. Thankfully I got a half decent deal on some large baskets at Kohls that fit perfectly….and just! You know how I am about coupons (it’s a full-on love affair!), so you can’t imagine my glee when I found one coupon for $5 off any Kohls purchase of $5 or more, and Kohls $10 off coupon!! Combining high value coupons with 70% off sales = 3 large baskets and a very happy me! 

I also wanted a few smaller baskets in a similar dark shade for the girls to store smaller easy grab items such as their hair brushes, soap, and wash cloths. I couldn’t find any, but I did stain a few baskets which worked perfectly! These little baskets made the perfect ‘easy grab’ storage for hair brushes, soap, and wash rags. 

Of course, baskets don’t hold the market on storage. I also love kitchen gear in just about any room used as storage. I’ve used jars, serving trays, cups, and now bowls as storage! These spray painted bowls hold hair bands and nail clippers in easy reach of the kids, and the higher up bowls hold cotton balls, nail & foot brushes, bath fizzers, and more!

I’m so happy everything fit back in this bathroom I could cry. A little dramatic? Yeahhh, I really hated the storage before. Now, I did store a few of these containers under the painted vanity, but other than that, everything fit perfectly (with room to spare) in the recessed storage area. As a matter of fact, I had so much room to spare, I didn’t know what to do with the extra shelf space…well this is a first! 

So, what do you think of the open recessed storage now?

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6 Comments on Recessed Bathroom Storage

  1. You are so talented and I am definitely going to use your ideas to revamp my bath cupboard …. thank you!

  2. Awesome! I have an open cabinet thingie in my bathroom that is cluttered with piles and plastic boxes like this. I am going to paint it and put baskets in there. The 12″x12″x12″ canvas baskets that fit into my “cubby cabinet” might do as they are very inexpensive compared to real woven baskets. I have hated this thing for years and never knew what to do with it. Now I know! Thanks!!

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