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When a friend of mine recently added entrepreneur to her title of wife and homeschooling super-mom, I could relate to the excitement, anxiety, and hopefulness of such a new venture. 
Which is why I was thrilled to to lend my photography skills to help her set up shop…well that and any excuse to play house and dress-up with her lovely creations (and wish I owned them all). We had such a great time with our photo shoot!

This got me seeing Etsy in a whole new light, and now I think I may have slight Etsy obsession *grin*. So every Thursday for the next couple months I’ll be featuring an Etsy shop I’ve fallen in love with! Not only do you get to ogle incredible finds by talented artisans, but at the end of this series I’ll be hosting a mass giveaway of many of the beautiful featured items!  Are you squealing yet? If you aren’t, you will be when you see the drool-worthy items in the giveaway! Keep an eye open, and follow along each Thursday…

Today, I’m excited to introduce my good friend Sandy and her brand new shop, Lavinia’s Craft Shop! Shooting her beautiful goods was lots of fun for me, I wanted everyone to be able to see her craftsmanship in sharp view.

Meet Sandy |  Owner, Crafter
I am a homeschooling mom who loves the Lord. I decided to come out of the workforce after 15 years because I wanted to be home with my children. Every day I wake up and  I thank the Lord for giving me the ability to stay home with my two beautiful daughters. 

I first got into crafting about 20 years ago when my sister taught me how to crochet, and I have been crocheting ever since! It has been my dream for the past 20 years to establish my own crafting business. I am so proud to say that with the support of my husband and patience of my children it is finally coming to fruition! 

My favorite past times are crafting, singing, and spending time with God, friends, and family!



Thanks for sharing Sandy! What she hasn’t told you is what a hardworking vivacious lady she is! Full of personality and spunk, always putting others first, she deserves to finally follow her dreams!
I had a hard time choosing which of her items to feature, but I managed to narrow it down to a few of the items I swoon over the most. *lopsided grin*  Oh, what can I say? You know me, I’m a sucker for great designs, colors, and textures! Uh, have you seen the throw pillow in the first picture? I’m SO in love with that throw pillow. At $18 it is a steal, and if you don’t buy it, I might! *wink*
Well, what did I say? Doesn’t Sandy make some of the cutest items? You should see me strutting around in her wear-ables. *grin* You’ll definitely want to visit to her shop before the fall season starts, she has the cutest scarfs, wraps, and afghans!  
She also makes lovely home goods, and -exciting news- you could be the new owner of this gorgeous coaster set! Yes you! Keep an eye open for the finale of the series, you won’t want to miss all the drool-worthy items you can win.
I’m very proud of my friend Sandy, she has shown great courage, determination, and hopefulness in this new venture. She’s been committed to giving her all to her family, working hard homeschooling her girls, being a force in her community for good, and finally she is able to pursue her dreams!  I would really love it if you showed her some “Etsy Love” and followed her shop on Etsy and Facebook.  


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  1. Katja | Shift Ctrl Art
    July 7, 2014 at 1:34 pm (6 years ago)

    What a great shop. I will have to look around there. I love, no LOVE that red cowl/poncho. So fab!


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