A Design Plan for an Office

In honor of office month, I thought I’d give you a break from seeing my own office makeover and show you a design plan from another home for a change!
A client asked me to come up with an organization & design plan for her very overloaded office.
 Marisabel had a very specific list of needs and lots of gorgeous collections that needed a place to be displayed.
 Walking into the space I had a pretty good idea of what this little room could use to maximize storage.
Marisabel's home2
This project required more than your typical design moodboard, I knew I had to research very specific furniture to fit into the small space and accomplish all Marisabel’s office needs:

Marisabel’s Office Needs

  • Guest Bedroom
  • Double Workspace for her and her husband
  • Lots of Paper Storage
  • Decorative Storage/Shelves
  • Maximized Closet Workspace
  • Space for a TV, scanner, copier, desktop, and laptop.
 Needless to say, this small space needed to accomplish a big multi-tasking job!
Here is what I came up with (drum roll please):

I selected every piece for maximum storage and comfort, but carefully sized to keep the room as open and airy as possible. Additionally the couch pulls out into a full sized bed so the office can be easily transformed into a comfortable and chic guest bedroom!

This space is designed to solve all of Marisabel’s storage problems. I included are a few personal touches unique to her family; she wanted to put in a largescale window so she could look out while working, so a bay styled window with ledge was the perfect solution for her…plus her husband loves caring for plants and with the exposure this made a great space to house a little greenery to bring the outdoors in! I also worked her family’s artwork into the design of the space, and made sure there would be shelf space for her decorative collections.
I hope Marisabel loves the design and function!

Like this

I’d love to have a dedicated office like Marisabel has, unfortunately I don’t have that. What I do have is a shared sitting room/office plan! See more here.


2 Comments on A Design Plan for an Office

  1. Method Australia
    March 24, 2017 at 3:12 am (3 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing this! I agree that office design is one of the factors that make employees more productive. I would like to work in the office that looks like this.

  2. Lori
    March 10, 2017 at 2:19 pm (3 years ago)

    Could you share the dimensions of this room and some of the larger pieces? I love what you came up with and the room looks very similar to one that we are in the process of making into a office. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.


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