3 Styled Entry Design Plans

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With fall right around the corner, this is a great time to zhoosh up your entry!

It’s always a good idea to get the entryway functioning at peak performance. You know, before the kids start all the comings and goings of school, and the holiday season begins with guests cheerily bursting in the front door.

Today I’m sharing 3 beautiful design plans for the entryway, sure to make a statement! Go ahead, copy these looks for your own home

Modern Chic Entry Styling

They key to creating a modern chic entry is to keep the design streamlined and sleek.

Every piece should be unique and make a statement, but keep things minimal so it won’t overwhelm the room.

Entry moodboard

A sputnik styled chandelier will really set the tone for the space, elevating the style of your entry. I prefer to use varying hues of cream and black, then just one extra pop of rich color.

Graphic artwork and geometric shapes keep the room feeling modern, but not void of visual interest. And don’t be afraid to really up the ante with loads of textural pieces!

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  1. White Bench: Batley Upholstered Bench
  2. Light Fixture: Emory 6 – Light Sputnik LED Chandelier
  3. Art: Fredom Set (Set of 2)
  4. Area Rug: Deray Burnt Orange/Ivory Shag Area Rug
  5. Black & White Vases: Lia Ceramic Table Vase
  6. Amber Vase: Malden Tied To: Color Glass Table Vase

DESIGN TIP: Let’s talk about lighting for a moment. Your entry is a good place to make an immediate statement, and lighting is the jewelry of the room. Don’t go bland or boob with your lighting, even if it is flush mount, go for edgy style! It will set the tone for your whole house.
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Earthy Glam Entry Styling

Most people don’t think of Earthy and Glam as compatible styles, but it’s perfect when you want that relaxed ‘lived-in’ glam that no one feels uncomfortable with.

Warm tones and soft textures keep it feeling earthy, and pops of gold help bring the glam! This mix should include some transitional furniture, modern light fixtures and art, and several hits of black to ground the room.

Earth Glam styled Entry

In this space you want a good mix of materials: Metal, stone, jute, velvet, glass, and maybe even a hint of concrete. They balance each other out for a well-collected lived in look.

Shop The Moodboard:

  1. Bench: Baye Upholstered Bench
  2. Art: Ebony Horizon Triptych II & III
  3. Area Rug: Avelar Gray Viscose Area Rug
  4. Ceiling Fixture: Creola 1 – Light 16”
  5. Console Table: Dupont 42” Console Table
  6. Table Lamp: Calahan 22” Standard Table Lamp
  7. Throw Pillow: Hagia Throw Pillow Cover & Insert
  8. Vases: (Clear) Neale Clear Glass Table Vase / (Amber) Malden Tied To: Color Glass Table Vase
  9. Planters: Snake Plant in Basket / Kauai Concrete Pot Planter

DESIGN TIP: Go big with your artwork! Often people choose pieces that are too small for the space. Make sure the artwork placed on the wall extends almost to the edge of the furniture that sits below it.
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New Traditional Entry Style

This contemporary take on a traditional style will look amazing for years to come! Mix transitional furniture, modern fixtures and accessories, and add in a few antiques to finish the old-meets-new style.

My favorite feature of this style is the practical function of many of the pieces. The look lends itself well to furniture that has lots of storage, and comfort as a primary goal.

Transitional styled entry

Shop The Moodboard:

  1. Bench: Hewins Upholstered Flip Top Bench
  2. Console Table: Rayna 59” Console Table
  3. Art: Swish I & II by Chris Paschke
  4. Chandelier: Bourbon 6 – Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier
  5. Table Lamps: Brigs 17.5” Standard Table Lamp
  6. Mirror: Breckler Metal Accent Mirror
  7. Wallpaper: Olivas Metallic Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll
  8. Area Rug: Avaya Ivory Area Rug
  9. Vase: Davina Off-White Ceramic Table Vase
  10. Blanket: Arturo Blanket
  11. Throw Pillows: Hagia Throw Pillow Cover & Insert

DESIGN TIP: A bench in the entryway is a natural fit! Not only is it a place to sit and remove shoes, but it acts as a primary fixture to design around. If you have more than one wall, a console table to catch keys (etc.) on one wall, and a bench directly across from it is ideal. If you don’t have space for both, go for a smaller bench that can slide right under your console table!
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Make It as Useful As It Is Stylish…

Looking for other ways to make a stylish modern statement in your entryway? Explore AllModern’s latest arrivals in modern lighting, mid-century modern benches, geometric bookcases, sputnik chandeliers, modern wall art sets, modern rugs, and geometric wallpaper. They also share some great tips of their own with their 9 Streamlined Small Entryway Ideas!

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