10 Porch Styling Tips For Spring


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Are you as ready for spring as I am? Even if there is still a rather frigid nip in the air, you can start planning for your spring porch ahead of time.

 Even if there is still a rather frigid nip in the air, you can start planning for your spring porch ahead of time.


Yes, it may be the “skeleton crew” of patios and porches for the moment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look stunning before being filled with a full bloom of plant life.

Here are your 10 Great Porch Styling Tips For Spring so your deck looks stunning even before the warm weather arrives.


Gold round #1

Start With An Awning, Umbrella, or Protective Covering

If your porch isn’t covered, you’ll want to cover it to protect your furniture from all those spring showers. This is just the price of getting the perks of summer spaces during the spring season. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful, and you don’t need to hire a carpenter to make it happen.

Back Porch - Before photos

This was my porch this time last year. Then I added the Better Homes & Gardens Meritmoor Aluminum Steel Pergola, and it added instant charm and function. It protects my patio furniture from being soaked by rain, damaged by excessive sun, and adds protection for your lounging. Just last week we sat and enjoyed the weirdly warm weather even though it was lightly spritzing out.


Here are some super cute pergola, gazebo, or umbrella choices:

Gold round #2

Outdoor Rug To Ground The Space

Go ahead and further anchor your space by adding an outdoor area rug under your pergola or awning. You may think this is just great for defining an area or looking great…and while that is all true, it isn’t the only reason.


Painted or solid stain decks can get quite slick in the misty mornings or dewy rain, make it safe for your family to venture outside and enjoy lounging no matter what the weather a few hours ago was.

Gold round #3

Mix & Match Furniture

Now that you have an awning to protect your furniture, don’t be afraid to go start your patio furniture shopping early! I just purchased this Better Homes & Gardens Davenport 3-piece set with the two wicker armchairs and the acacia wood coffee table and it is stunning!


Keep things interesting by mixing and matching your outdoor set. You want a few common themes, but nothing matchy matchy.

Gold round #4

Add Planters With Interest

Think outside the round plastic planter, and mix it up a little. You are likely to end up with a whole lot of empty planters if you start too early. So shake it up a little, go for planters that add visual interest even if they don’t have anything in them. Think of them as architectural features…


Think baskets that have been stained and waterproofed, or feature planters such as this adorable BHG Elephant planter (found in-store), and the BHG Parquet Double Hanging Planter.


Gold round #5

Buy Cold Hardy Plants and Bushes

Early spring is time to start planters and boxes with bulbs, evergreens, cold hardy bushes…basically any plant that can withstand pre-frost conditions.


Okay, so it might not quite be the time to go all out on garden plants just yet, but this is a great way to get a head start.

Gold round #6

Add Touches of Decor & Pops of Color

Now is the ideal time for decor such as bell jars and lanterns. They are a great way to add visual interest and keep your small plants like creeping jenny’s safe through the cooler nights, but still in your outdoor space. After all, it’s no fun hauling your plants in every night.


Also think of items you will use regularly but can also serve as decor, such as watering cans, candle stick holders, lanterns, etc.


 Gold round #7

 Warm Things Up With A Fire Pit

With that spring nip in the air why not go ahead and literally ‘warm up’ the space with a fire pit or outdoor freestanding chimney?


I’m a big fan of my BHG copper hammered fire pit, which is currently being used at my guest house, but I think I may get a second one for this deck.

Gold round #8

 Outdoor Lights

A little outdoor lighting can go a long way to add design, mood, and a beautiful sparkle to your porch during the twilight hours.


Gold round #9

DIY Projects

From furniture pieces, to DIY outdoor games, to DIY trellis, add your own special touch by building a fun piece for your space.


You can find the tutorial for my DIY outdoor sofa here, or my copper obelisk trellis here.

Gold round #10

Finding The Perfect Flow & Layout

Now that you have all the perfect elements gracing your porch or deck, this is the time to try a variety of configurations. You want to sit and take in the view from each seat… For a while I thought this setup would be the ideal one for me, but after testing it out a day or so I realized that a simple switch around with the seats looked and felt better for flow on this deck.


Test everything by walking all around, sitting in each chair, looking at the configuration from inside and outside the house, until you find the perfect layout.


You are going to love your new spring porch! It is going to be stunning even though everything isn’t in full bloom. Let me know how your spring porch looks by sharing a picture with me over on Facebook. I love seeing your talent in action!

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  1. Liz
    April 7, 2018 at 8:56 am (4 years ago)

    Where did you get the beautiful tall cloche?

    • Ursula Carmona
      April 7, 2018 at 10:40 pm (4 years ago)

      I found it at Pat Catans, a craft store. 😉


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