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I don’t know about you, but for me nothing is more inspiring than seeing people’s creatively organized spaces. First I “ooooo” a bit, then I “aaaahhh”, then I start itching to see what fantastical spaces I can create. I get tired of just seeing and thinking “I can do that!”, and soon I’m scampering off humming “anything you can do I can do better…”. Yep, that’s me.

Alejandra has been inspiring me with simple organizing solutions via her OUT OF THIS WORLD video series, and now I’m ready for a little show and tell of my own! Did you miss Monday’s interview with Alejandra? If so, you need to go get wow’d here. One day, I’ll be ready for my “close up” and give you guys an entire house tour…one day, when I grow up to be just like Alejandra! *giggle* (Let’s just ignore the fact that we’re nearly the same age…I’m just a little behind in my growth). 

3 Fantastic Tips I Took From Alejandra

1. How to Fold And Store My Jeans: 
I learned how to store folded clothes from a friend, who ironically learned it from Alejandra’s video series…which I introduced her to! Good things do go around and come back to you! You can read my entire post here about drawer organization, and I’m proud to say I have finally tackled those jeans…

Because it’s just too awesome, I have to share Alejandra’s video that started the awesome folded jeans revolution! *grin* Go, be taught my pretties…

2. How to Store My Batteries:
My kids were always on the hunt for the batteries… first the batteries were in the cleaning cabinet, then they were in my all purpose pantry, then they were with the hardware in the garage, next they were being kept in the refrigerator (no I didn’t lose my memory, my husband told me they keep longer…don’t ask me if it’s true or not *giggle*). Worst we were never sure where each pack of batteries might be, the D’s might be in the garage, while the AAA’s were in the pantry, and the C’s were just MIA. 
After watching Alejandra’s house tour video where she shows how she organized her batteries and nails I ran out and decided plano boxes were a gift from heaven! *grin*

I took this a step further and also decided to store my picture frame hangers, and various hardware knick knacks! Details coming soon to a blog near you… *wink*

3. How to Label The Circuit Breaker 
When I saw Alejandra’s video on how to label circuit breakers I literally yelled at the screen “Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!! That is just genius”. There is absolutely nothing I hate more than doing projects that entail electric wiring… why? Because I’m always terrified that when I hit that circuit breaker for that room I will get it wrong. Alejandra color coded her circuit breaker using stickers to make it clear which breakers linked to which rooms! You can watch her how-to video here. And because I have a little more to do on it before I’m ready to blog about it, here is just a tiny sneak peak of how mine is coming along…  *wink*


Well, what about you? How has Alejandra and the other Incredibles inspired you? We have had 7 wonderful weeks of inspiration after inspiration with 7 top notch delightfully Incredible bloggers. Don’t tell me you haven’t gotten a little something-something done yourself. Well this is the opportunity to show it! Link-up via blog post or video post to give us a show and tell of your organized spaces and beautiful house tours! And just in case you need a little extra inspiration, I have rounded up all 7 of the Incredibles house tours for one last little peek of happiness. 

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