My friend ‘L’ made these fantastic little Scrapbook Paper art canvasses for my daughters room.
I loved the idea of something so simple, yet so cute as art for a child’s room. Doesn’t it remind you of a hanging patchwork quilt?

Creating this art is easy as pie, and maybe just as delicious! I may not have made these particular canvasses, but I will share the steps I personally use.

Step 1: Paint canvass edges. I like to use a little metallic paint around the edges. Who doesn’t want a little bit of sparkle to add drama and refinement to their art? Use a color that compliments your chosen scrapbook paper.
Step 2: Trace & cut scrapbook paper. Lay your canvass face down on the backside of the scrapbook paper and trace. Use a gliding paper cutter to cut as opposed to scissors, this will keep your edges crisp and perfect.
Step 3: Glue scrapbook paper to canvass. There are many types of glue you can use, I recommend the fool proof method (speaking as an art fool myself), spray glue. Simply spray your adhesive onto the canvass, no need to worry about where it sprays as it will dry clear. Carefully lay the paper atop the canvass, and press the paper smoothing as you go. I prefer spray adhesive because it usually takes a couple minutes before “holding on” which gives you time to re-position as needed and makes for no air bubbles.

We “hung” our canvasses using Command picture strips. These canvasses are so small and light, it only required one strip right at the top. This makes putting up art a breeze, no more measuring, hammering, and installing. Thank goodness!

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