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Ok, I confess, I’m not too traditional, I tend to think of the holidays as vacation time to break out the board games, and put my feet up! *giggle* No, but on a more serious note, our family has committed to keeping the holidays simple and each year giving the extra pennies that would have been spent to those who need it more. I suppose that has become our treasured tradition!
For those who want lovely traditions and to still be able to give back, who says simple means unattractive or that you have to feel deprived? I found a few lovely inspired pins that show that you can pinch the pennies, sacrifice, and still have happy holidays!

Gift Giving
My dear girls have taught me the beauty of simplicity and the worth of the “thought that counts”. No matter what it is wrapped in, nothing is lovelier than seeing the excited glow of my girls faces whenever they hand us their little homemade packages on special occasions. Opening a box of drawings, cards, and little projects made by my girls reminds me that the joy is in the giving of one’s heart.
So, if you are pinching the pennies this year, remember what really counts. And just to show that reusing paper grocery bags, magazine pages, and cheap twine can be just as elegant as springing for the fancy paper and bows, here are some of my favorite gift wrappings!

Simple wrapping with touches of nature, could anything be more appropriate or gorgeous?
{ Source: Fru Fly }
I love this idea of prettying up a simple package with a photo! How about adding a photo of the giver? I know the grandparents would love a gift with a picture of the munchkins on it!
{ Source: Artifact Uprising }


Who would have thought magazine pages could look so lovely? 
This one is definitely for the kids…forget the fancy paper, use the backside of scrap print paper to wrap things, or reuse white paper bags and add a candy cane!
Mmmm, and you must visit the source of this photo, such lovely photographs and holiday ideas!

{Source: Katherine Marie }

Brilliant Holiday Ideas
It is the little thoughtful details that make the holidays uniquely wonderful for many. Try any of these fantastic ideas to make your holiday interactions and gatherings unforgettable!

Send your love and thanks for being hosted through the holidays (whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year!) with these gorgeous free printables found via the source below.

{ Source: Melissa Esplin }

This is such a simple and darling gift gesture! Perfect for handing out to the neighbors, or as a favor for your guests at a holiday party. 


I love a crackling fire during the holidays, now add the sweet smell of pine and herbs as fire starters!
{Source: Haute Nature }

What an incredible and creative approach to a winter lantern! How lovely would these be lining the pathway to your house for a holiday party? Find the tutorial via the source link below.
{Source: Oh My Creative }
As a family make your own ornaments. The source link below contains 22 crafty ornament ideas!
{ Source: Style Motivation }

Happy holidays! And remember, whether you like big celebrations, lots of traditions, or none at all, gather your family close and show your love and appreciation!

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