The Perfect Pantry Substitute

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I admit it, I covet a really great pantry space <Go ahead, insert dreamy sigh here>. I imagine, in my fantasy pantry the shelves would be lined with perfectly organized baskets and foods, oh and cookbooks! OW! Don’t pinch me, I’m trying to dream here. What do you MEAN that if I had a pantry my kids would always be in it, so it wouldn’t the crazy awesome fantasy with grocery-store-like shelves? …I don’t believe you. 😀 Aw phooey, well a gal can dream right?

I imagine, in my fantasy pantry the shelves would be lined with perfectly organized baskets and foods, oh and cookbooks!

None-the-less, I want a pantry. Just a little tiny one… and since that isn’t happening in this kitchen it occurred to me that a bookshelf in an open corner might just be the solution I need! A space where I can store my serving trays, cookbooks, and a few other pretty items I own. It would function like a little teeny mini pantry which is better than what I have now. (It’s ok to cringe at the scary before picture.)

Kitchen corner before

I picked up this gorgeous Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart bookshelf, because every kitchen needs a little bit of rustic charm! I almost went with the 3-shelf version from the same weathered Crossmill Collection so I could keep my chalk board above…but that would defeat the purpose of having more storage.

BHG Weathered Bookcase

The 5-shelf bookcase was way more storage than I thought a bookcase would be. Yaaay! However, I have way fewer pretty dishes than I thought… boooo. Turns out many of them were scratched or chipped. Of course, that means I finally have an excuse to buy more pretty serving dishes! Yaaay again! I do have a pretty great thrift store nearby with amazing dishes. I got some cute floral bowls for a dollar each at my local Goodwill.

Rustic charm bookshelf - flower dishes

White storage tins

Display Tips

Beautiful spring lanterns

I created a Spring themed foliage landscape to bring a little greenery (that wouldn’t require watering and wouldn’t be affected by my knack for killing all indoor plants) into the kitchen. It is subtle, but something pretty with foliage, florals, or seasonal decorations make quite the difference! 

Of course most important to me was a space for my favorite recipes. I had several cookbooks that were gifted to me that I haven’t even peeked in for the past 10 years. It was time to say goodbye and unclutter, but I did make provision for a few of my favorite cookbooks and magazines with frequently used recipes using magazine file holders.

Customized magazine holders

I love the acrylic file holders to be able to see what I’m storing…but I couldn’t help but modernize them even more with some white spray paint on the bottom front. I love that it takes the style up a notch!

Magazine and cookbook holder

DIY smear art and architecture print


I say every bookcase, whether it is in your living room, family room, bedroom, or kitchen, requires a little art! What else is the tippy top that is hard to reach good for? I printed out a nice little architectural photo, and this smear art is an easy paint piece I created last year.

It may not be a pantry, but wowza it is pretty, and it does a much better job than what the corner was previously being used for.

Eat-in Kitchen

I love that I get the benefits and rustic look of the wood grain, but without the splinters that would hurt my girls sweet little fingers, this is a much better solution!


No Pantry - Substitute a Bookshelf

Rusticly charming bookshelf



Lacking a pantry? Use the space you have, add a tall bookshelf and take back your empty spaces!

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19 Comments on The Perfectly Charming Pantry Substitute

  1. I have this bookcase in my kitchen as well! I have to say that it is one of my all time favorite purchases. Mine looks more gray driftwood in color, but that might just be a photo difference. I have all my cookbooks and some pretty jars of jam etc on it. It holds a lot!

  2. How beautiful Ursula and so handy too. The foliage is so pretty, I have a knack for killing house plants too 🙂 … was wondering if you could share how you made it – if it is a DIY. Thank you.

  3. So pretty! I’ve never had a pantry– and I wouldn’t even have space for a bookshelf since we turned the breakfast nook into the play area, but I’m still inspired to do something more with my teeny kitchen space.

    P.S. I love your site design– it’s so fresh and soothing!

    • Thank you! It’s kind of you to say!
      Yep, I’ve been there before! Eventually they grow up and we slowly take back our spaces…very slowly. lol! Glad I could at least offer some inspiration. 😉

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