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Hi there Home Made by Carmona readers. It’s Kathy from Up to Date Interiors again ready to share a fun summer project with you today! I love making seasonal wreaths for our front door but decided to try something different than the tradition wreath for our coastal rental home. After going through my stash of beach finds and a quick trip to the 100 yen store (aka, the Japanese dollar store), I came up with this pretty Seashell Door Hanging.


DIY Modern Seashell Door Hanging

DIY Door Hanging for Cheap

Here’s what you need:

A piece of driftwood

Seashells (around 13 or other odd number)

Hemp twine and rope

Faux succulents

Hot glue gun, scissors, and needle nose pliers (or chop stick)


Step one: Hang the seashells on twine. If you have similar seashells to mine, follow these simple steps for a no-drill solution to hanging shells. If your shells or more flat, a small drill bit can be used to create a hole in a each one.

  • Tie a knot at the end of a piece of hemp twine.
  • Place the knot near the inside center of the shell.
  • Use a pointy object like needle nose pliers, chopstick, or whatever else is conveniently close by and push in the knot.
  • Gently tug the twine upward while holding the shell so the knot get’s caught at the top.

DIY tip: If any of shells are loose, secure with a dot of hot glue

Driftwood hanging pipe cleaner

Step two: Tie a thicker piece of rope to each side of the drift wood for hanging.

DIY tip: Next we are going to attach the seashells in a “V” shape pattern to the driftwood. I used a pipe cleaner to hang my driftwood on the back of a kitchen chair so I could sit near the hot glue gun and take my time tying up the shells perfectly.

Seashells hanging v pattern

Step three: Layout your seashells in a “v” shape pattern. Starting with the biggest shell first, hang it on the driftwood. Working your way out, add the remaining shells using large to small. Each shell should come up about 1/2 an inch on both sides of the center.

Seashells hanging

Step four: Once you have all of your shells hung evenly, triple tie the twine at the top making sure the loose end heads towards the back.


Step five: Flip the seashell hanging around and trim the excess twine to about one inch. Hot glue the end up on to the driftwood.

Adding succulents to shell hanging

Final step: Add faux succulents by tucking in the stems into the rope knots or hot gluing them right onto the driftwood. This gives them the cute effect of “sprouting” right off the wood!

succulents and drift wood

Now friends, this Seashell Door Hanging was too pretty to hang on our ugly-brown front door (although it would be an improvement). So I decided to hang it in our foyer to greet our guests when they come inside!

Seashell door hanging diy | Up To Date Interiors

DIY Beach Door Hanging

My husband saw the mirror I had replaced the hanging with on the floor and hung it right back up. I have to say, it’s kind of cute that way too!

DIY Seashells & Plants Wall Hanging

I’m super pleased with the way it turned out. We may have a new front door for it hang on sooner rather than later. It definitely goes with the coastal eclectic style our Okinawan home is transforming into!

Thanks for having me today. xoxo

Kathy Baugher
creator and editor of Up to Date Interiors



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