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It’s me or the mouse. One of us has got to go.

I’m not afraid of much. I really only have one main phobia. No not death, not heights, not snakes… my greatest fear is mice.

So imagine my chagrin when I ended up sharing a bag of chips with a mouse last night. *shiver*


Yeah, okay, so it’s not quite like it sounds…or maybe it is. My beloved husband hasn’t dealt with the mouse issue in our house, and I can’t because I’m so terrified of dead mice (okay, that’s weird right?). So for the last week a mouse has somehow figured a way to get into our pantry and gnaw at snack foods in the night.

Well last night I was feeling peckish and forgot that the pantry was a no fly zone, so I grabbed a nice big handful of chips and chowed down. I ate quite a bit of what was left in that bag before finally noticing the little gnawed off corner of the chip bag. Blegh! I can only hope the mouse didn’t also take a romp in the chips. *crying inside*


Guys, if my husband doesn’t handle this mouse situation asap… well let’s just say it’s me or the mouse. One of us has got to go.

In the meantime, my pantry is dead to me. So my handy dandy Better Homes & Gardens cube organizers are coming to the rescue (again) and acting as my pantry until our little situation is resolved.


Today I made a quick run to Walmart and stocked up on a ton of great Better Homes & Gardens food storage containers, because I do not EVER want to share my chips with a mouse again. And while I have every intention of hiring some pros to come mouse proof my house (is that even possible in a country home?), I am not taking any chances.


I picked up a couple sets of these awesome Better Homes & Gardens flip-tite storage food containers in various sizes. I love that they are airtight, but not difficult for the kids to open like some containers are.


After my kitchen is torn down and rebuilt (because now that a mouse has desecrated it, that is the only solution), I plan to buy a whole lot more of these food storage containers.

I also spotted these adorable BHG stackable wire baskets, and I couldn’t resist. I mean c’mon…look at those copper handles!


I also may have a little carried away with food storage solutions, because I also snatched up these Better Homes & Gardens spice holders. I was going to get them whether I needed them or not.


 Whether you are upping your food storage game because you want to avoid mice, insects, or spouse and children (because let’s face it, they never roll the plastic properly and your favorite crackers always end up stale), here are several great solutions for you.


What about you? What are your top food storage techniques? And how would you cope with mice in your house? No, I really need to know. My sanity depends on your advice. Haha!

I’d like to say a special thank you to my friends at Better Homes & Gardens for partnering with me every month on a new challenge! You can find the BHG brand line carried exclusively by Walmart. Follow BHG on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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18 Comments on Food Storage And The Unfortunate Mouse Mishap

  1. We’re fighting the same battle, too. We’re minimalists, so were able to fit all of our pantry food into one plastic tub, but it isn’t as organized as I’d like. I like those containers, but I’ll only spend money on something like that if it’s something I will use often. Do you still like these containers?

    • Yes, I still like these containers, and I even constructed my new kitchen cabinets to be the perfect fit for these containers. I like the size and shape of the cereal containers especially. But be aware that as with every spring loaded container lid, those mechanisms can go after a while. Most of mine are intact, but my kids are really rough with our dishes, and a couple lids finally failed us.

  2. omg gurrrrl! We had mice too!!! If you could only have seen 1, the crumbs 2, THE HIDDEN POOP WE FOUND (HOW DO THEY EVEN HAVE THAT MUCH TO RELEASE?!) and 3, the way we had to catch him and his little mice friends, drive them 2 miles out of our neighborhood, and let them go in the woods. It was a sight to say the least.

    • Ooooooh mercy mercy…you know my pain! Thankfully I finally found their entry point. Lol! Glad you were able to catch your little visitors and let them free faaaar away. 😀

  3. When I saw these baskets I was like “gimmie, gimmie…” but unfortunately I can’t buy some of those beauties in my country (for that price) *jealous reader*.
    Yeah mices are horrible, but the solusion is the cat (but not lazy one – yes, homeless ones could be veeery lazy) which I’m also alergic too or the pros – look for some recomended team not the cheapest

  4. Due to work requirements, my husband and I live in different states (and he travels for work many weeks out of the year) but I travel regularly to see him in our Arizona house. One of my trips back we discovered that some kind of rodent had invaded our pantry. It ate into plastic bags of pasta and left piles of elbow macaroni hidden all over the house. I’m not afraid of mice dead or alive, so we dealt with them with glue traps and traditional mouse traps. I cleaned the house from top to bottom to find those piles of macaroni – and occasionally still find one, ugh. But we did learn the lesson, and no food products are left in cardboard or plastic bags in the pantry – everything is mouse proof (or at least more mouse resistant, lol) My solution isn’t as pretty as yours, so I made need to get some prettier containers than our old spaghetti jars and such. 🙂

    • Oh no! What a way to have to learn a lesson… haha, I know I mourned over the lost money since I’m having to throw away quite a few chewed up snacks, napkins, and even paper plates! Ugh.

  5. So I never thought I would say this, but be thankful it’s only a mouse. Since Hurricane Harvey, we have a rat problem. Thankfully they haven’t gotten in the house (seriously, I would lose it) but they get in the attic and the garage. I won’t go in the garage anymore. We thought we had gotten rid of all of them (as in 7 of them!) around Thanksgiving, but a new one has popped up just this last week. My labrador has killed several and the exterminator set traps, but I can’t get them to go away! I really hope with spring they go back to the bayous where they came from!!

  6. We spent three winters battling mice, and, honestly, the ONLY thing that has worked is a cat. Nearly two winters (knock on wood) mouse free! I don’t remember having mice in the house growing up, but my sis lives in the same house now and was having problems. We always had outside cats so she’s feeding the neighborhood strays and hoping it’ll work. This winter has been dry (no snow and warm ground temps), and her theory has worked so far.

    • Oh nooooooooo! *crying on the inside* I’m allergic to cats, and I’m not sure I now how to take care of outside cats (especially during a tough winter). Haha, and my neighbors (if they have cats) are miles away. Ugh…I might have to look into it if nothing else works.

  7. Such a fan of wire baskets! Reading your mouse story brings back a memory of my mother convincing my father to move from a house we’d grown up in for 18yrs after we’d had a “visitor.” I do not recommend that for you! Hire the pros and they’ll get you covered:-) Good luck!

  8. You’ve made me want to go out and buy some wire baskets. Those are so cute!! Love that for fruit, onions or potatoes. I’d be grossed out by the mouse too!!

  9. OMG!! I’m terrified of rodents too. I mean terrified to the highest level. So I understand completely that the pantry is dead to you. I don’t even know how you still go in the kitchen…I would go in there only if someone will accompany me, during the day or I would bang on the walls when I’m close to the kitchen so it would scurry off.

    Anywho the storage solutions are awesome!

    • It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my somehow irrational fear! Haha, I keep saying to myself (as I walk into the kitchen), I’m bigger, it’s just as scared of me, it’s not like it’s going to attack and bite me. …it doesn’t work. lol!

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