ORC Wk 3: Architectural Detail

At this point in the One Room Challenge, I feel like I’m speeding along quite nicely! Granted, the hard projects are still ahead that will slow me down considerably in the coming weeks. So I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

This week I am adding some gorgeous architectural details by adding decorative moulding to the walls, and I can’t wait!

architechtural moulding

*This project is made possible by ORC official sponsors…today’s highlight: Novo Building Products, & Emtek

I always find myself drawn to pictures of rooms that have loads of moulding and millwork. Yes, you can decorate a plain box and make it pretty, but the depth of design and eye-catching, show-stopping, soul-crushingly-good beauty come from incredible architectural touches.

Today is the day I add texture and detail to my spaces thanks to my awesome One Room Challenge sponsor, Novo Building Products!

Adding Architectural Moulding

This isn’t my first time adding decorative moulding…that would be when I made-over my downstairs powder room during last Fall’s One Room Challenge.

At the time, I didn’t have my handy dandy little pin nailer, so I spent time filling holes with each piece of moulding I put up. This time around, no filling holes, and this is breezing by!

chair rail moulding for architectural touches

My choice of style for this space was to go with more colonial-styled moulding for a Parisian glam feel. Novo Building Products has just about every style and product profile you could ever desire to choose from!

I went with some classic pieces from the Empire Moulding & Millworks family that falls under the Novo Building Products umbrella. You are probably more familiar with their brand than you think…you may not realize it, but you see their products all the time at Lowes, and The Home Depot too for that matter!

It’s Probably Easier Than You Think!

Adding chair rail moulding to walls is pretty awesomely easy. It isn’t a science like adding crown moulding is…or feels like it is! Haha!

First I am penciling in where I want the outside edges of my chair moulding boxes to be. Measuring from both the ceiling and wall since neither are particularly level, then using a long level to adjust my line based on those marks, and what is “level” as necessary. A couple measures, and a cut on my miter saw, a little glue, and the pin nailer just makes the process fly!

Woman installing chair moulding to a wall for architectural detail

There are a couple small technique tips to consider, so I’m sharing that via a video tutorial for you below.

How To Add Architectural Detail With Moulding [Video]

Isn’t the result just beautiful? It makes such a statement!! I’m not done, but parts of my project will have to wait until I finish installing my bathroom sconces. I want to see them in place before deciding how I want to run the moulding on that particular part of the wall.

I also won’t be adding the crown moulding and baseboards until after I finish the bathroom floors. I’m waiting for a crown jig to arrive in the mail before tackling that project.

Wall with architectural moulding

Door Levers That Exude Sophistication

Texture and architectural detail aren’t just for walls by the way… have you seen these stunning gold door levers from Emtek? These are the L-Square Faceted Lever, with Square Rosette in Satin Brass, and they are magnificent!

Emtek gold door lever

I like the fact that the lever is simple with clean lines, but still has a unique shape to it. It’s kind of like a piece of jewelry in the room, isn’t it?

Painting out doors and changing the hardware is one of the easiest makeovers you can do in your home. I’m a little ashamed I didn’t do this sooner. My doors are so disgusting and grungy (even after scrubbing with a magic eraser sponge), that it would have made everything feel cleaner if I had just added a coat of paint, even temporarily. So here we are, 3+ years later finally getting to it in my upstairs.

Door knobs before and after

My awesome One Room Challenge sponsor, Emtek, knew about my need for a little TLC in my upstairs spaces, and sent me enough door levers to give every door in my upstairs a little mini makeover! Thanks so much guys!!

So now I’m finally painting all those bedroom and bathroom doors in my upstairs and replacing all the existing construction grade knobs with these gorgeous levers from Emtek.

Switching Out The Old Bathroom Vanity

The old vanity wasn’t terribly horrible. It was just a white top, with brown edges that were fraying a bit. So not great, but it didn’t gnaw at my soul like the rest of the bathroom did.

Still, it’s definitely not nice enough to stay, so I ripped that bad boy off.

Bathroom vanity before

And look what I discovered when I moved the mirror. Ugh…more wall to patch. Eh, it’s okay since I have to relocate the electrical for scones anyway.

Old vanity top removed

My new quartz vanity is SO MUCH better! I wanted to save the pretty little chrome faucet, but the holes didn’t match with my new vanity. So I had to make an emergency run to Lowes and get a new chrome faucet. Eh well. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it in a different project.

Vanity top

This new counter top looks nice sitting pretty on top of the vanity, but I still haven’t quite finished the plumbing. I currently have a “temporary” fix in place, but tomorrow I hope to go out and get the missing piece to do it right.

I thought about painting the vanity this week, but I don’t want to choose the color until I get the tile flooring installed and see it all together.

What’s Left To Do:

WOW! Am I actually halfway through my to-do list by week 3?? I know, it seems amazing, and I feel like I’m crushing this in record time. But in truth, the last half of this list contains some of the most time consuming types of projects. So wish me luck! I’m going to need it…and lots of time.

  • Scrape off popcorn ceilings and mud ceilings
  • Fix crackling walls in bathroom
  • Prime and paint rooms
  • Install wallpaper in closet
  • Replace outlet covers and switch plates
  • Replace bathroom vanity counter top
  • Paint doors and add new door levers
  • Add architectural moulding and trim to bathroom walls
  • Install light fixtures
  • Build closet units
  • Remove carpet temporarily and replace after closet built-ins
  • Remove toilet and see if offsetting is an option
  • Install tile flooring in the bathroom and replace toilet
  • Install crown molding and baseboards
  • Paint/update bathroom vanity
  • Build vanity nook ‘makeup’ table top
  • Add final decorative touches

So, what do you think about these architectural details in the space? Did you ever consider adding moulding, or think that door levers could have architectural or textural elements??

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2 Comments on ORC Wk 3: Architectural Detail

  1. Leslie
    May 20, 2020 at 3:07 pm (1 year ago)

    Looking so good!! I love how you used your moulding!

  2. tim
    May 20, 2020 at 11:05 am (1 year ago)

    love the trim work and thanks for the tutorial! I may just have to attempt that myself one day. That door handle looks sooo good and yay to the quartz countertop … Quartz is my go-to choice too!


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