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Freestanding wardrobe -featured image

How To Hack Your Way To A Wardrobe

This month Hickory Hardware and Pittsburgh Paints challenged 9 bloggers (including yours truly) to transform an Ikea Rast Dresser using their products. What fun! I jumped onboard right away with the perfect project in mind. My master closet is itty bitty living space, and I’ve been dreaming of the perfect freestanding wardrobe to expand some of […] Read more…

Phone Charger - featured image

Awesome Use of Leftover 2×4’s!

Ever wonder what to do with those leftover slices of 2×4’s? Make a phone charging station!! I’m a contributor over at Remodelaholic, and every other month I share a fun DIY project. Today I’m sharing how to make this $2 phone charger (which is a cool Restoration Hardware knock-off by the way). Pop over to […] Read more…


The Ugly Duckling Door Turned Headboard

Once upon a time there was a sad lonely door, and it was the ugly duckling of all the doors at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. There was also a crazy DIY chick who loved to craft and do happy dances after every project (her husband and children often stared at her with heads cocked to the […] Read more…

Simple Art Calendar - featured image

Simple DIY Art Calendar

Today I’m excited to be share some Bedside Organization Tips over at IHeart Organizing! You’ll see all the beautiful and helpful items that make this space not only stunning, but WORK hard for me. So pop over to IHeart Organizing and let me know what you think. 😉 I was SO happy to finally give ugly my master bedroom […] Read more…

DIY Wood Cut Mail Organizer - featured image

Wood Cut Letter Holder / Mail Organizer

I sat there for what must have been 30 minutes straight, staring at the chopped down pile of my previously glorious trees. I love the woods around my house, but those mean ‘ole electric company guys chopped down a mini forest’s worth to run a new line to my house. So I sat there a little sad, and quite puzzled […] Read more…

Bookcase Hutch build - featured image

DIY Bookcase Hutch – The Build

Remember that bookcase hutch build I’ve been promising to share? Well it’s finally here! Well, there… I’m sharing the how-to over at Remodelaholic today! You’ll see my original sketches, and how I executed this build. The best part? It doesn’t require a full build, this is more like using what you have to get what […] Read more…

Learn how to make a gorgeous door stop with this tutorial from Annabode

DIY Leather Door Wedge

I’ve always used whatever’s been lying on the floor to prop open the doors in our house, anything from piggy banks to hatboxes, book ends to shoes…and occasionally the dog.  Whatever works, right? Especially now that spring is here (finally!) and we’ll be leaving the windows open, propping open the doors has become quite necessary–unless we […] Read more…

Floating Frame - featured image

Floating Frame Tutorial {The Snug Fit}

I often find myself swooning over someone else’s gorgeous gallery walls and wishing and dreaming for a few amazing art filled walls of my own. The thing about great art is that it can be quite costly… come to think of it, even “inexpensive” pre-framed art can be quite costly, especially after you’ve purchased several $30-$50 pieces. I’m […] Read more…

DIY Candle Holders - featured image

DIY Candle Holders

I saw an amazing set of gold leaf candle holders at a home decor store I thought would be perfect as a centerpiece! Well until I nearly choked at the $40 price tag. I promptly went home and made my own knock-off in the same design out of $1/ea shot glasses! Much better price tag right? I […] Read more…

Leaf - like napkin rings - featured image

Leaf Like Napkin Rings

The holidays are right around the corner, and table settings seem to be on everyone’s to-do list. Well boy have I got an easy and beautiful project for your dinner table. Leaf shaped napkin rings! And don’t just think Thanksgiving dinner, these pretty napkin rings can really be used year round! Supplies: All you need is a […] Read more…

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