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Canvas Collage - featured image

Custom Canvas Art

**Scroll to the bottom to enter to win your very own custom canvas art! You can put your family’s portrait, or anything you like! Add color, charm & personality with canvas art! But the confusions stemmed from the fact that I wanted some moments displayed there that would right away convey who live here and […] Read more…

Shibori picture frame - featured image

DIY Shibori Picture Frame

So today, I’d like to show you how you can Get The Global Look and paint your own shibori look on picture frames. The same technique can apply to fabrics too! What You Need: White frame Acrylic Paint (dark blue, light blue, purple, and black) Small flat brush Water Paper towel   Step One: Since […] Read more…

Decorative fall shadow box - featured image

Seasonal Fall Shadow Box

I am one of those people who decorates for the season long after the season has passed. Nope, not because I’m trying to hang on to the joy of it longer, but rather because IF I managed to actually decorate for the season, it took all season (and part of the next) before I actually had […] Read more…

Master Bedroom Art - featured image

My NY Style Bedroom Gallery Wall

“What is the point of walls and walls filled with random pictures that aren’t family?”, he asks while eyeing my latest gallery wall with a raised eyebrow. SAFETY FIRST Someone asked me an excellent question about creating a gallery wall above a bed…basically they were asking if that was a no-no. I’m originally from sunny California, where not only […] Read more…

Simple Art Calendar - featured image

Simple DIY Art Calendar

Today I’m excited to be share some Bedside Organization Tips over at IHeart Organizing! You’ll see all the beautiful and helpful items that make this space not only stunning, but WORK hard for me. So pop over to IHeart Organizing and let me know what you think. 😉 I was SO happy to finally give ugly my master bedroom […] Read more…

Floating Frame part 2 - featured image

Floating Frame Tutorial { The Loose Fit }

A floating frame around canvas art (whether you painted it yourself or purchased it) can bring a certain chic quality to the art. I love the effect it offers when surrounded by other framed artwork. Stunning!  Unfortunately a floating frame for a canvas costs anywhere from $100 – $300 in stores and online. How would you […] Read more…

Floating Frame - featured image

Floating Frame Tutorial {The Snug Fit}

I often find myself swooning over someone else’s gorgeous gallery walls and wishing and dreaming for a few amazing art filled walls of my own. The thing about great art is that it can be quite costly… come to think of it, even “inexpensive” pre-framed art can be quite costly, especially after you’ve purchased several $30-$50 pieces. I’m […] Read more…

Montana Photo Journal - featured image

Etsy Love – Montana Photo Journal

As my eyes wander over these pieces, sometimes I swear I can feel the crisp air, and the peace of the great outdoors. Annie, owner of Montana Photo Journal has an eye for the majestic. Her photographs seem to transport me to the beautiful open spaces I’ve yet to experience for myself, and I’m in […] Read more…

Step by step art -  featured image

Step-by-Step Abstract Art

Do-it-yourself art has become increasingly popular. Many of us want walls filled with artwork, but don’t have the budget to accommodate. What about you? Have you braved wielding the brush and sparing the pocketbook? Art is subjective, so don’t be afraid to whip out a canvas and create something you love…after all, it can’t hurt to try! […] Read more…

The wannabe artist - featured image

The Wannabe Artist

Being the daughter of an artist can be…well, inspiring, sometimes frustrating. Occasionally you watch him paint and it makes you think “hey, I can do that!”…but you can’t. Nope, you never can. It has given me a healthy appreciation for having art on my walls however. Now, I’m desperate to find the perfect stunning piece […] Read more…

DIY Spray Paint Art - featured image

DIY Spray Paint Art

I have been enamored with the gorgeous hits of gold all over Pinterest. Soooo I’ve decided to add my own little hit of gold and sparkle via some art. There are so many ways to obtain this, through gold leaf, or gold flecked paint, but I’m in the mood for a 15 minute project, and […] Read more…

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